The Rosalyne Story. 

Rosalyne “Roz” Weiner used to remark, “Is this heaven or what?” while relaxing on Sarasota’s beaches. Roz, born in Masontown, PA, met Jay Harvey Weiner when she was sixteen years old. She married him two years later and was with “the love of her life” for sixty-one years, until Jay’s passing in 2006.

During those years, Roz traveled around the world with Jay and loved every minute of it. Roz was the mother to Bruce Weiner and grandmother to Josh Weiner, both members of the development team behind The Bayside Club. Roz’s beauty and positive outlook on life radiated out to all those who knew her. She cared deeply for her community, was active in politics, and spoke up for the values she believed in. Roz will always be remembered for her love of beauty and the beauty of her love.