The Palmer Story.

By all accounts, Bertha Palmer was an extraordinary woman. When she first came to Sarasota in 1910, she was presented with a small, sleepy fishing village. Palmer, a Chicago socialite and wealthy widow, saw potential and, over time, acquired 140,000 acres of Florida real estate including 80,000 acres in Sarasota. Her arrival to Sarasota changed the city and shaped a major turning point for its development.

During her eight-year expansion of Sarasota, Mrs. Palmer and her family transformed a small fishing village into a massive winter haven for the wealthier crowd. In addition, she created numerous jobs by developing the city. She became an icon for the city of Sarasota and soon business men and members of the high society began to follow her. Sarasota has named many roadways and developments after the Palmer family, just as we have chosen to do with this floor plan.