The Harvey Story. 

The Bayside Club would not be possible if not for Jay Harvey Weiner. Jay, a Lieutenant in the United States Army during WWII and successful businessman from Pittsburgh, PA, was looking for a warm-weather vacation spot for his family when he discovered an advertisement in a local paper that caught his eye. The ad mentioned the blue- green waters of the Gulf of Mexico and a beach cottage for rent on Longboat Key. Intrigued, Jay rented the cottage and brought his family, including his wife Rosalyne and children Bruce, Joanne, and Kathy to Florida for the first time.

The entire Weiner clan fell in love with Sarasota and returned year-upon-year. Jay and Rosalyne eventually relocated from Pittsburgh to Sarasota. And, later, his son Bruce did too. Bruce and his son are part of the development team behind The Bayside Club. Aside from “discovering” Sarasota for his family, Jay was a much- loved, well-respected gentleman, in the true sense of the word. His strong convictions about giving back to the community and demonstrating kindness and compassion made a positive impact both inside and outside his family.